Mother with a Gun

2016 now on NETFLIX
Enter the disturbing world of Jewish extremism. Once one of America’s most active terrorist organizations, the Jewish Defense League aims to prevent another Holocaust by any means necessary. Here, the threat of genocide lingers and preventative violence is justified. Privileged access to current leader, Shelley Rubin, exposes this unusual pathway to terrorism.

Fair Game

Screening on SBS (2017-18)
FAIR GAME portrays the life of controversial football player, Heritier Lumumba, whose journey to understand his black identity collides with an AFL confronting its own racial issues. Through exclusive access, FAIR GAME uncovers the personal and professional life of an extraordinary Australian - a man who at the top of his game dares to hold a mirror to a nation that doesn’t like what it…

10 Conditions of Love

To her people she is a leader – to China she is a terrorist. Rebiya Kadeer’s rags to riches story details the life of the Uyghur, China’s oppressed Muslim minority.This award winning film made international headlines (NYTimes, WSJ, Guardian) after the Chinese gov't tried to shut down its debut at the Melbourne International Film Festival and elsewhere.