Fair Game


"Dramatic...Intriguing" - The Age

"Explosive...controversial...4 STARS" - Herald Sun

"Fascinating and often moving...as much a story about Australia's football culture as it is our wider culture of racism and masculinity." - The Sydney Morning Herald

"Heaps of powerful moments...a wonderful documentary" - Marngrook Footy Show NITV

"I was shocked...pretty powerful stuff." - Caroline Wilson 3AW

"A standout documentary" - WHO Magazine

"Stunning insight...powerful." - Footy Classified NINE Network

"Lumumba calls out systemic racism in the AFL but also holds a mirror up to endemic problems in Australian society" - The Saturday Paper

"Fair Game tells us not about the capabilities of Lumumba or even Black men in Australian sport or society. Instead it tells us about the toxicity of White masculinity, and the pervasiveness and acceptability of racism in Australian life, including within the workplace." - The Conversation

“Since the airing of Fair Game, I’ve been overwhelmed by the testimonies of people from all levels of the game, as well as outside the game, who have a similar story to mine,” says Lumumba. “I’ve spoken to myriad players and staff who understand just how systemic and far reaching racism is within the AFL.” - The Guardian

FAIR GAME covers the most intense season of controversial football player, Héritier Lumumba (formerly Harry O'Brien), whose journey to understand his identity as a black man collides with an AFL confronting its own racial issues.

When his club president, Eddie McGuire, makes a racist comment on his morning radio show, Lumumba feels compelled to speak out. What follows is a media storm that questions the criticism of the highly popular McGuire and paints Lumumba as somehow less than a perfect model of manhood.

Through exclusive access, FAIR GAME uncovers the personal and professional life of an extraordinary Australian - a man who at the top of his game dares to hold a mirror to a nation that doesn’t like what it sees.


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